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Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't wait for perfection. LIVE NOW!

So many people have the attitude that they have to wait until conditions are right before they can start to live as they want or do the things in their lives that they want to do. 

This is wrong thinking as conditions very rarely reach perfection. There will always be some reason to wait until later, but don't swallow this hook.

This type of thinking equates to procrastination, and wastes the precious days of your life. Now is the time to live. Now is the time to do the things that you want to do in your life. 

There will always be reasons to put off doing the things that your heart desires, but those reasons are merely deceptive thieves. 
Live your life like you would if you knew you only had one year to live. Just do it, and you will find that things fall into place one way or another.

Don't let your yesterday use up too much of your tomorrow. Cherokee Proverb

Yesterday is gone. Whatever you did yesterday cannot be undone. The words you spoke cannot be unspoken. The actions you took cannot be reversed.

The best you can do is speak better, more thoughtful words today, and take action to make things right at this present moment.

Worrying and beating yourself up over what you did or said yesterday is simply a waste of time and energy. It accomplishes nothing positive. 

Realize this and move on with your life, determined to make today better than yesterday.