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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trust the instinct to the end though you can render no reason.

Always trust the still, small voice inside, no matter what. 

This voice is how God communicates with you, and it will not steer you wrong, but you do have to LEARN how to listen to it and trust it. 

It doesn't just happen.

You must learn to quieten external stimuli and your own mind, in order to listen to your intuition or instinct. 

This voice will not shout at you; you have to make the effort to listen to it. 

And once you have actually listened, then you have to trust it enough to act on what this voice tells you, even if it goes against reason.

This is where is starts to get hard. 

It takes effort. 

It takes trust. 

And it takes faith. 

Start by acting on small, everyday things that your intuition is telling you. 

Practice listening. 

Then you will be ready when it comes to the important things.

Listen to your thoughts and be true to your heart!