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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful and meaningful...especially now, breathing gently

Bring your awareness to focus on something in your life that is changing or ending or dying right now. 

Breathe gently as you consider whatever transition is most significant right now in your life. 

Note; any feelings that arise—
annoyance, or 

Every time your feelings get the better of you, become aware of your breathing. 

Meet your troubled and contracted feelings with your calm and expansive breath. 

Breathe, sigh, and stretch out on the river of change. 

Remember times when you have resisted change in the past. 

Regard how things turned out in the end—maybe not how you thought they would or you wanted them to, but in the end, there you were, Wiser, stronger, still alive. 

Tip your hat to the poignancy of death and the promise of rebirth. 


Allow yourself to break open. 

Sit tall, with dignity and patience, watching your breath rise and fall, rise and fall. 

Pray for the courage to welcome this new change with openness and wisdom. 

Then open your eyes, go back into your life, and do what you have to do, but do it 
with grace, 
with hope, and 
with a lighter touch.