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Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is worse than ignorance, Intellectual arrogance?

Education isn't the solution to all our problems which seem to be caused by ignorance. 
When the intellectuals of society consider themselves superior to others not as formally educated as them, it widens the gap of the delusional duality which obviously doesn't really serve Humanity. 

Humbleness is a trait of the wisdom and not everyone educated in wise.

To disagree with truth would be intellectual arrogance or militant ignorance.

It's ridiculous how some haughty "educated" individuals can be. I'm a little overwhelmed.

Elitism in academia is as bad as withholding food from the poor, just because. I admit it is one reason I came out of the 'fraternity' of academics despite being easily qualified. 
There is heartlessness and ruthlessness in that segment of society, to keep people from elevating from their circumstances and bringing other people along.

Not only looking down upon those who aren't as formally educated, what amuses me is how some think they're superior even amongst people as educated as themselves. It really confused me to a "Huh what the $&#*?" mode...

Some people educated or not seem to elevate themselves above others! 

Some we forgive because they are generous and kind! And the mean ones irritate us because it is so unnecessary! 
Learn gobs and be kind to each other! And we really don't know where everyone has been!!

Lots of these guys’ whole identities are built upon those letters at the end of their names. Strip that away and what do they have?

Education is to expand ones options. To let you see there more than options. To choose to be pompous and arrogant is not the best use of education. Academic incest is not education.

The purpose of education is to enlighten. Education means knowledge into practice not such an accumulation of it that it makes us heavy headed. The sea of knowledge is vast and we know just a drop.

Everything serves humanity.. Humbleness and ignorance equally... Wisdom is discovered in transcending your judgement of either.