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Friday, October 12, 2012

If it IS possible to have a paradigm which is 100% unconditional without any boundaries

Unfortunately much conditioning done during the early childhood years are deeply engraved in the majority, to the extend it is a brainwashing.

But for this conditioning, one wouldn't know the difference; without difference there wouldn't be any relation and thus nothing, conceptually, would exist

It's what you make of it; that's the difference between one seeking understanding and one seeking perfection & flawlessness, one accepting difference & different dualities, and one rejecting & seeking to eliminate or accommodate what's different.

I WISH it were that simple; you and I both know how many children get brainwashed into believing extreme dualism via religions for example.

This wasn't/ isn't their choice to begin with, rather it was their geography's traditions and culture. In a few exceptional cases, yes the few bold mavericks would swim their way out of those herds' close-minded mentalities.

What about the fear-based rest?

Don't they go on to become adults representing those duality-based cults?

This is not inclusive to any single religious sect, etc. Rather encompasses ALL forms of duality-based divisions of Humanity. Contemplate.

Well...what would the mavericks be if everyone else swam their direction but another part of the herd? :)

Isn't the understanding of balance lies not in reaching it but the journey towards it?

Do the journey start internally first as a decision?

Should one find one's self in a herd that is balanced...how shall one understand balance, how would one notice it & decide to discover it?

I believe in that case one would be even more imbalanced; rejecting the resentful, stasis, and the ultimate imbalance