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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peace, Equity and Unity..

Every male and female has male and female sides in us, The Eternal Yin-Yang / Estrogens - Testosterone balance within. There are feminine/ gentle males and dominating/ masculine females too. Needless to say, I am not suggesting or promoting exclusive matriarchal systems as a solution. 
No. I have seen how unbalanced that can be as well where alpha females want to control men like puppets, as in the likes of some cultures where the mother and later mother-in-law are the highest authority of the said families following these traditions. It's no different if these kinds of women are elected by the masses.

So yes, it about BALANCED individuals - male and female.

Empathy has its downfall of making us feel too weary for those helplessly victimized in the global family (as I am currently feeling about 14 year old Mallala who was shot in the head by an adult pseudo-religious male for standing up for her rights for a basic education).

Do you think the solution is to have more female presidents and politicians? Clearly, the current regimes worldwide governed predominantly by men have failed to protect vulnerable women and children globally from the claws and inferiority complexes of the patriarchal/ monarch systems.

There HAS to be a SOLUTION. The beginning of a revolution of gender-equity? No, I don't just mean equal rights of education, freedom to vote and travelling in the same public transport vehicles - our species has evolved past those amoeba days.

Rather I mean equal rights of having equal number of male and female LEADERS (those with the authority to make the final calls) globally - just like the PARENT Unit of Humanity, representing either gender. We need to revolutionize the issue from the core.

If we keep doing what we did, we'll keep getting what we got.

As I've said before, male dominance and female submission/insecurity is a mark of adolescence. That it's still widely prevalent in our species tells me we're still an adolescent species.

That we're now railing against it, and that women are beginning to demand their due respect at ALL ages informs me we're making the transition from an adolescent species to an adult species. In that shift, genuine intimacy and social harmony will become more important than sexual prowess, power and physical superiority.

The thing to keep in mind is that, in general, women mature more rapidly than men. Therefore this species transition will be led by women demanding that men treat them with due respect. 
When enough men recognize the value of treating women as equals and insist on supporting women's rights, sexual equality will become our norm. 
How long that will take to go global is anyone's guess. Even now, there are adolescent male consciousnesses in the United States that are desperately seeking to repress women once more. 
Two steps forward, one step back...or in other metaphoric terms, life moves in a wave formation. But the tide has definitely turned!

The solution is for all people to be kind, caring and compassionate. There have been female leaders who have been just as violent if not more to "Prove" themselves. Male or female is not the issue. 
 We need to learn to avoid the "In group" "Out group" thinking and shift from extraction, exploitation and competition to restoration, stewardship, collaboration and peaceful coexistence.

It's always more dangerous to be the first to exemplify change. People tend to attack and destroy what they don't understand, and what threatens the status quo. 
Look at Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King - all were martyred for daring to challenge the authorities of their day. 
And yet...their wisdom survives and has spread so widely that today it's much safer to support their visions without being executed for it.

I honour those who are willing to step out of the crowd and stand up for their own truths, out of love for all humanity, no matter the consequences. They are the folks who light the way for the rest of us.

Putting women above men is no more the solution than was having men rule above women. The infinity symbol - the mark of eternal dynamic balance - reveals the truth. Duality functions best when the two halves work together, neither one above or below the other in power, in a wondrous feedback loop of intimate sharing.

Well, Imelda Marcos or Eva Peron better at governing? I don't think so. Was Margaret Thatcher any less bellicose than any male Prime Minister, no, maybe more so? 
Therefore, a change in gender is meaningless, without a difference in the philosophic motivation promoting the policies of a national leader.

It’s about Money and the global banking stronghold on the world, they fund all wars, and this situation is part of the consequences of that.

The people are at the core, therefore, when the people become totally peaceful, the whole will become peaceful, and no "leader" will ever stop wars, unless the people DEMAND it, by BEING it... 
But people are driven by money, to live in this society, which is under the ownership, of the corrupt and very few at the top of the power pyramid in this world, they create the money, and lend it by the trillions to countries and governments, and in turn we the little people are forced to pay this debt back, in taxes upon taxes, when governments consistently help the ultra rich classes in every way possible. 

Males and females in government roles face the same rules in power; do what the money lenders tell you.

Empathy doesn't lead to weariness but sympathy will...The only (or one of many) solution is education or women and men from an early age of the value of each other and their rights to be equal. 
We are still a few generations away but we will get there and souls like Mallala are leading the way with their courage. 
As more women are prepared to sacrifice their lives for their rights the moderate males in these religions will eventually rise up from their cowardice and stand beside them if they are not already doing so.

"BE Here Now" is difficult for most people... it is a high level of spiritual well-Being... & it involved such " letting go", non-attachment, healing of past traumas & many other attributes... it is like the end result of " The Road Less Travelled", don't you think?

It's a lot easier, however, if you have "awakened to the fact that there is no past there is no future. It is all wrapped together in the neat little bundle we call, "Now". Looking at it that way, there really is no alternative. It is the only place you can realistically, “Be".