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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All for one and one for all....

Life is infinite things!
Life is Awesome!

Regardless if you are a believer or not, what we believe or reject, what we choose to ignore, what we wish for or fear; nobody can escape the laws of Nature.

Within the Circle of Life, All is well.

None of us are innocent; renunciation is a must to move forward to what we really can have. To choose what we want and not what we don't want.
Some seek DEPTH in experiences while others seek a larger WIDTH in the spectrum of their experiences.

Oftentimes the former spend most of their journey restricted to one/ few geographies with a more solid foundation with which they work towards maturity.

The latter tend to be wandering gypsies by nature, embracing colourful diversity of our Humanity as their fashion statement.

Neither is better than the other since both balance each other in the grand Art of our Species.

I want to thank all my wonderful readers who continue to read my scribbles. Please continue to questions, challenges to the status quo, conventional traditions and various conditioning "systems" - religions, politics, education, health and cultures.

We are each Healers too via empathy for Humanity, as we offer our voice and word on behalf of the muted and oppressed globally.
You too are initiators of Universal healing ripples which will impact millions of our Siblings spanning myriad generations to unfold.