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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

But WHY????

(To whom it may concern)

Shades of what James Caan says his dad always taught him - "Observe the masses and do the opposite".

If everybody likes what you're doing, you must be giving out money.

Made me think of Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton, he drops off the kids at school for the first time and one mom says "you're doing it wrong"

The Absolute statements on this blog seem very captivating at first, then step back and think about it people. You'll see the hollowness, trust me.

If you’re volunteering for the external validation then clearly you need to unlike this page. This page is for people that could care less what the masses, the conformists; the sheep do to make them feel good about themselves back in the self limiting confines of the flock.

It's an absolute statement so of course if EVERYONE likes what you're doing then you're probably pretty boring. 
BUT you certainly WANT a group of people that like what you're doing. 

How do you think Chris and every other blogger/editor/writer/site owner make a living? 

More importantly you NEED a group of supporters whether they agree with your choices or not, a true community that loves you as their own family. This community is not for money, it's for what's truly important in life -- people, community, and love. :)

I think it’s less about being boring why everyone likes you and more about validating their existences. People like you because you fit their 'box'

I remember listening to B Dylan and whooping it up with forays to the nun's kitchen in the dark of night! Let's get off the blog and collaborate on our own with a shared perspective of that time in our lives??? What say?

Healthy humans are by nature, social animals. We all seek external validation within our social groups for whatever reasons.

Be it to share and reinforce our views within a community or to ask for a second opinion on what we already believe to be true/untrue, if you disagree.

Then I say you need to reconsider your lifestyle choices. There is a fine line between self confidence and intimidating arrogance - There is nothing wrong with criticism as such.

What counts are how criticism is delivered .You might like to consider delivering your critical views to people you care about with some kindness?
Perhaps you don't care about other people?

I don't know.

But if you don't care about other people, then you need to do everyone a favour and seek professional help or change your name to Charles Manson and become a cave dwelling hermit.

Initially society does not respect people who go against the grain.

These people who do go against the grain as it is their life purpose or calling normally make impacts far and wide....like Nelson Mandela and Ghandi and others.

It is first frowned upon and criticized for decades before accepted.

It takes courage to be a non-conformist but if we want to be respected we also need to respect that society will think we are wrong.

It takes great personal sacrifices and courage to stand against the crowd.

So I can be proud of me.