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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Be prepared...

The time to have the map is before you enter the woods.

You may be surprised what you find when you don't though.

Those who are jaded often belittle our best efforts. To them, say: Do not let the darker days of the past blur the brightness of tomorrow.

Don't work hard so that you can live life; work hard TO live life.

Everything you have ever experienced in your life has served a purpose: it has brought you here, to this exact point. 

Your struggles and your survival and your tragedies and your triumphs brought you here, to this night, and to this moment.

This is such a great philosophy to roll out through life by viewing every event as a learning experience. 

When I was going through some of the worst stuff of my life, I remember thinking to myself "why is this happening to me?!?" 
and then I learned to shift my focus into "what is the lesson here?" 
and then move forward.

Too many people spin on an endless not-so-merry-go-round of doubt and delay. Get off that directionless, sickening ride. 

Fear for most people is really worried. For most people, it's really worry disguised with drama.

Your free will ends where your fears begin.

Fear is simply an emotion that can and should be confronted. Once a person realizes that and just breaks thru it they will be set free of it

Nothing stands between Man and his highest ideals & every desire of his heart, but FEAR & WORRY.

When Man can “Wish without worry" every desire will be instantly full-filled.

Do not gauge your day, or life, on other people's agendas. To hit your highest levels of performance and potential in all you do, you must take back control of your life.