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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is it hypocritical to be intolerant toward the intolerant?

"I think the answer is ‘no’ and here’s why.

Tolerance is a noun while tolerant is an adjective. However the true essence of tolerance and being tolerant is a verb, it is an action one integrates into their daily life.

If a person is tolerant in regards to intolerance they are actually not tolerant. Here we can see we are actually missing a word to describe tolerance in a verb form.

Tolerating is the action of incorporating tolerance into your life. This means to have a tolerant society we must practice promoting the condition of tolerance in society by “tolerating”.

When we encounter intolerance we have to start tolerating. This means we are not going to accept intolerance because of living and practicing tolerating.

Tolerance vs. Intolerance

These concepts are very much absolutes.

They cannot exist as a condition of a thing at the same time. A person might be comprised of tolerant and intolerant specific beliefs yet having intolerant attributes means one is not wholly tolerant thus failing to reach the moral quality of tolerance.

When we seek a higher moral standing we are plunged into having to face opposing ideas and viewpoints. How we handle these will determine who we are?

Tolerance means accepting world views different from our own except those views that seek to destroy the philosophy of tolerance itself.

Maybe calling it intolerance is wrong rather than calling it what it really is “hate produced from insecurity.

I can live next to a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or anyone so long as they feel they can live next to me."