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Monday, October 22, 2012

Move on...

Humbleness is not something snatched away by the world, who says you can't be proud and friendly?

I don't understand what's good about pride. It's a manifestation of insecurities and inferiority complexes. It's more fun and fulfilling to be friendly by default.

What’s the point of doing what Peter did if Paul's already done it? In other words, if you follow the pack, you suck as bad as they do.

We are either people-pleasers or revolutionary-leaders as we decide to be our own shepherd!

It's quite refreshing to stumble upon individuals who don't feel obliged to sugar-coat their opinions in fear of losing popularity.

Respect should begin with Self-Respect. Sometimes in the name of respecting others' opinions we dilute our opinions, which can lead to a loss of our individuality if it becomes a habit.

Some times its way too easy too pleases people than to displease them but then that comes at the cost of our rationality and individuality.

As long as one's opinion is selfless, I mean if it adheres to the well being of all then I presume the opinion needs to be addressed, well the people who don’t like it they can move on, please move on at least we can blessed with the right people around us!