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Monday, October 1, 2012

Observation through experience

You know something has changed in a holistic way when you don't feel the urge to re-act any more to what you used to react towards your state of inner peace is such that you no longer have to externalize or you are in a general state of apathy.

This the real power of "experiencing". 
Experiencing Life takes the react out of it and puts us in a responsive state of being "with" the world and not stuck in it.

It's about this place where we real-eyes how others behave are not our responsibility but 
their freedom and how we re-act including a smile in silence is our innate responsibility and freedom. 
Here we are not charged to re-act aloud/ immediately but can be the observer from a different plane free of the drama.

Be-ing with All as One
Be-ing with Source as One
Be-ing with no`thing as One
Be-ing with the Universe as One

The qualities of self-reflection, deep love, & direct expression are among what I really appreciate about as a fellow human being on this planet of ours.

This change is because of one's self evolution.