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Saturday, October 13, 2012

*How to prepare ourselves for a peaceful physical death.*

There are 6 basic principles -

(1) Moderation in Work - Reminding ourselves it's temporary as our physical stay on Earth. Becoming workaholics will deprive us from other aspects of Life.

(2) Moderation in Speech - Speaking only when necessary and letting go mundane gossiping and unnecessary small talk. The more mature we get, the more Silence we should embrace.

(3) Reducing our attachment with other being - family and friends. It's OK to socialize but not excessively to the extend we get too attached to each other, which only makes us shun the reality of our physical impermanence.

(4) Moderation in sleep - not making it a habit to sleep more than required leading to lethargy and wasting precious time.

(5) Moderation in sensual pleasures - Too much leads to intoxication leading to a lack of balance.

(6) Being mindful - Be in the present moment, in the Here and Now. Not getting attached to over-assertiveness or over-elation.

Remembering physical death is as natural as birth enables us to live as peaceful Beings, remembering all our actions will all have Karmic consequences.

Death is a reality nobody alive has experienced. Hence, regardless what has been said/ written about it, death is a mystery to the living. Since it's not experienced, it is often feared. The only way to get over this fear is by contemplating it often enough....

Reminding ourselves we may physically die tomorrow, isn't living in the Now.

Reminding ourselves in the morning that we may die in the afternoon isn't living in the Now.

Being conscious that we may die between the time of this inhalation, before our next exhalation is the deep awareness of the NATURE of death as much as Life.