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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Order in chaos or chaos in order?

I find BOTH to be true in various situations. 

Too much order can indeed lead to chaos because only a few individuals control the masses while too much chaos leads to lack of organization which again isn't always fruitful.

The duality is inseparable; like two halves of a full circle & trying to find out where one starts & the other ends. 
It's almost impossible to perceive with a resentful & controlling paradigm, unlike the perception of an accepting & harmonious paradigm BUT aren't all paradigms controlled in some manner based on individual perspectives via various conditioning? 
Can there ever be a 100% unconditionally open paradigm by nature given the fact all of us come THROUGH various "systems" of cultures, religions, traditions, etc?

Okay...this is all still fermenting "up here" but here it goes...

1- The 3 greatest mysteries; a bird unto air, a fish unto water, a man unto himself,
That is the greatest mystery to each is what they are "swimming" in or overwhelmed by

2- Things always exist in relativity, a relation is what you observe between black & white; not each by itself

Unconditionality, or harmony (for the sake of positive naming) & acceptance, comes from the acceptance of a relationship between one & outside

That is: when one judges outside he also judges himself accordingly; like the difference between saying "he is rough" and "he is more rough than me"

So, unconditionality is through understanding one's self & environment one was brought up in as an equal to others as well as how is it different in a sense of nature rather than judgement for e.g.: conservative, liberal as opposed to good or bad

I used to contemplate the connotative harmony in the sounds of chaotic metropolitan streets in a rush hour; the horns, the shouts, the calls, the fights...etc

There was a sense of a higher, balancing, will that encompasses all those independent shards of it that usually seek imbalance in one direction or another; causing them eventually, no matter the time scale you contemplate, to balance each other out

It just occurred to me: the misunderstanding of the order in chaos, might be due to rejection of the beholder to the order of a will other than the beholder's own

But then again there is no order in chaos and there is no chaos in order. 

When all is flowing well, it is smooth; there is not even a scent of chaotic energies. 

When we focus on what we are fearful of or worry about or think will not turn out well, we find ourselves in chaotic energies defeating our very purpose and focus on order...what is order? 

Order is what one believes it to be. 

Order may not be a smooth flow because it is in the various odd moments that we find the most satisfaction...

So for me, no chaos in order and no order in chaos.