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Monday, October 22, 2012

Parenting is a Life Sentence Kid's World

Being a parent is a life sentence, from the day your child is born until you leave this earth, you will NEVER BE FREE again!
You are granted no reprieve when your child leaves home.
You will worry about their...future as long as you live, no matter how far away they are, physically or emotionally.
Every day of your life you will wonder about that child’s future, pray for their health, and wish for their happiness.
You will not hesitate for a moment to give your life for theirs if it is required of you. Though they will break your heart, ruin your possessions, and bankrupt you, you ask for no parole: for the sentence is self-inflicted.

It is, however, not without its own rewards;

O the flowers he’ll pick for you
O the cards he will make for you
O the hugs
O the kisses
O the goofy grins and sleepy smiles
O the “I love you” they will say every day
O the thank you’d they occasionally offer

The only release from this bond is your own death; and then the last thought on your dying mind will be… “WILL THEY BE ALL RIGHT WITHOUT ME?”

Kids think their parents are crazy. But, as they become parents themselves, they understand… and they then begin to look up to them with compassion and gratitude for all they did.

Parenting is the TOUGHEST JOB IN THE WORLD and I just want to say as a parent myself, God bless all the mums and dads who are doing their best to raise their kids up to be good parents too someday!

The biggest blessing we have as we enter this world is a mothers’ lap. We start to grow up in the shadow of her affection, sleep every night listening to her sweet lullabies, till we hit maturity.

Many of us may assume that the effect of a mother’s love may fade away as time goes on but according to a recent research, people having nurturing and affectionate mothers prevent them from different illnesses even in their middle age.