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Monday, October 1, 2012

Puppets that can have a good time while we're doing our thing!!

Do you believe our destiny is already pre-written?
If yes, then why are we here on Earth? 
Doesn't that make us mere puppets?

"There is no blackboard in the sky." ~ Neale Donald Walsh

Our destiny depends upon the choices we make...God in His Infinite Wisdom has given to us free will.

There is nothing needed. God/goddess/the source/the universe does not need anything...Nor Wants anything. WE are in control of our own destiny and only WE judge...God/the source/ the all/the universe does not judge us. That is a lie. Only we do with brains and hearts to make CHOICES the choice was ours!

Our destiny is what we create in our daily living based on our personal choices. This includes embracing our personal which has to be decoded via unravelling our passions, being honest to ourselves.

We are here on EARTH to do a very important role to everyone who is alive... Now is the right time... Now is the right time to touch people's lives... it is the perfect time the very perfect time to show your faithfulness to the one closes to our heart which reciprocates our very principles in lives. Many had come and fought but died, again we are repeating the same mistakes all over again, civilization after civilization... It's a waste indeed since they are still very young and innocent?

We are all about where we are born,
The family and the environment we are born to,
The place and the environment we are raised up and
All the external factors which happens throughout our lives
Is this not part of our destiny too?

We don’t have a much of a choice in this, I you we are all those factors mentioned are tools for our Spiritual Evolution.
I.e. - we had/ have to BE at certain places with certain people to learn certain lessons via certain experiences to go through our individual Evolution via the Conscious choices we make - continuously.

“You don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." C S Lewis

If 'All’ is one', then surely that 'One' must function in absolute harmony with itself, Freewill would introduce an unpredictable factor....let's call it a fracture in the integrity of Unity.

Science has proven how thoughts arise in the mind a split second before we become aware of that thought and grasp onto it, identifying it as 'my thought'.

The thought must be a reaction that would be predictable based on the characteristics of the individual and its previous experiences.

It could be said that 'Whatever choice one makes it was the only choice one was going to make'.
Without wishing to decry the apparent freedom we enjoy in choosing, it appears to me it is not so straightforward.

I could go on at length about this as it's a very complex subject but I will just add that the illusion of freewill is a necessary device that allows us to fully experience and interact with the apparent diversity of creation that all the great ones who have gone before us have agreed is the expression of one factor...one intelligence, one mind.

The answer is only to be found when we discover for ourselves the real nature of 'I am'.

Thought of the day: - Living life positively no matter what the circumstances is the key to a SUCCESSFUL LIFE. Hence, our destiny in our hands, if we consider our DNA which is represented by four letters(A T C G); and puppets and people are not so different in that puppets are dummies, and people are just dumb; hahahahaha

"We are creating our experiences and experiencing what we have created."

Even when the choices are infinite, the infinite outcomes have to be calculated. I agree with the you that universe is not like man's image but perhaps more akin to a "HUGE COMPUTER PROGRAM" that becomes a choice, an outcome, 3D image and a human perceiver simultaneously, most interestingly even becomes a thought and a philosophical question about life that who we are. 

That's why the power of universe can never be explained and understood by us through the logic.

How do we even make sense of a tragedy like that? 
The question of why is there great evil will probably never be answered. 

Why are some blessed and some not? 

Why do some people suffer? 

Who knows? 

"Why are we here on Earth?" A lifetime puzzle

We can only accept that it exists and do our best to overcome it..

The society has already defined what tragedy is and what death is all about.
This is the knowledge that has been passed to us. This knowledge has shaped up a frame work for us to perceive things in black & white.
The world rises with the mind and sets with the mind. That which rises and sets is not the Self. The Self is different, giving rise to the mind, sustaining it and resolving it. So the Self is the underlying principle.
The world is only a projection of the mind. The mind originates from the Self. So self alone is the One Being. The Self resides in our heart beyond our identity and story.
Once it is realized as our true self; there is no questioner left to ask any question.