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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What if experiencing the feeling of being was the only thing we needed to be happy?

What if...hmmm. 
What if....uh, contemplating stuff is making me unhappy.

Is there an inherent feeling of being, different from experience, happy, sad, or whatever is being experienced? 
How do you get to a feeling of being aside from the experience of the moment?

You don't...that is precisely what it is, although there is a difference in emphasis..in one you're concerned with the content your interpretation of your experience, your feeling. 
In the other you're just happy to be and to feel at all.

 A certain happiness is independent of circumstances. 
We can experience happiness in the most unexpected situations.

When we attach to the content of being happy about being the mere fact of it, then we're not just happy to be any more, we're happy that being happy to be made us happy...
That's the exact slippery slope that gets us lost believing we need to perfect the content again.

Humans are hilarious *__*

The word 'happy' can be ripe with expectation. What if I just pause to acknowledge being without any expectation? 
I find that gratitude for existing is something that happens naturally as I learn what it means to be a true friend to myself. 
A good friend will always take the time to listen, and that starts right here then we'd be content with whatever being beeze.

Ô happy happy Happening—this happening of all that happens, comes rain or shine.

I think it would have sounded less esoteric if I had said 'the feeling of being alive'...That's all I meant, nothing more mysterious than that.

I'm not talking about the joy of a particular experience. I'm not talking about something only present when we feel 'good' or 'up, I'm more talking about something like, "I'm just so appreciative to have been invited to this party called being alive that I'm happy just to be here even if the party sucks sometimes.

Happiness is not complicated. 
Beneath all the affairs and travails, happiness is what we truly are.

Unfortunately, the game of hide and go seek is being played.
Only few are ripe for the dissolution of the personal mind...such a dissolution reveals the eternal wide open sky that we truly are.

Being is a quality of the Self. 

Feelings arise to/in Being

When peace and happiness have been realized and stabilized, it makes sense to say 'nothing is needed'.
Until then, uttering such words is not sincere.

Being as we are including being unhappy without resistance or recoil or self indulgence and simultaneously appreciating the life (being) that makes it possible is a pretty wonderful thing.

It's not searching for happiness to appreciate being... It's more like ending the search...gratefully rather than in resignation.