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Monday, May 13, 2013

All we're ever doing is quoting ourselves....

Putting an end to anything we don't like in our lives is a paradoxical affair because the only reliable way to do it is to end trying to end it. 

Being moved to stop comes from seeing how we're doing it to ourselves; yes it's been my own direct experience in that context. 

Although, it's also very much at the heart, I am a big fan of comprehending something through one's own experience and then articulating it through one's own language.

But this is actually my experience every time I really question my stressful thoughts rather than blindly set about seeking their fulfilment or resolution. 

Any time we experience 'not liking' something, what we're actually experiencing is the effect of our own internal tightening that we do as a part of thinking that resists circumstances.

So discovering that the source of the discomfort is in what we are adding to the situation makes no longer doing that possible. 

And the pretty cool but not necessary thing is that the circumstances themselves often wind up changing as well when it stops mattering if they do or don't.