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Saturday, May 11, 2013

I agree that morality becomes 'funny' with growing awareness ...

If morality is ever taken to mean anything other than 'whatever results in thriving or well-being', then it's not really helpful is it?
Does anyone else think its odd when morality is defined in other ways like what god is said to want or not want? 

I don't really even find the concept itself helpful. 
Let's just replace it with the open and honest question of what results or consequences the thing in question brings.

Morality... I always found this word funny, but it serves its purpose as long as 'we' are ignorant, blind and lost.

Then clearly it's not helpful as it seems to me that morality is an imposition by the ruling establishment of what they find acceptable. 
That's probably why I always say - forget morality, go with reality.

When one is lacking SELF awareness there seems a need for rules and a morality code...
"the SELF does not need this as all good qualities arise from the self effortlessly" (Mooji)

Once you know who you are then you cannot hurt another, because you realize they are you and your behaviour will reflect this, no need to impose rules. 

When one is coming from fear then one will have to protect oneself and from this defence, protection, needs desires, greed etc. come into play...

That’s why they call them the seven deadly sins.