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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Hope and Hopelessness....

If there were truly no connection between our 'outer circumstances' and our inner relationship to those circumstances, then hope for better circumstances would be perfectly reasonable.

But in reality our inner relationship to circumstances how we meet them, how we touch them, how we think about them cannot be separated from the circumstances themselves. 

Our relationship to circumstances *are* the circumstances themselves or all we know of them, it informs everything we experience of them. This is what 'no separation' means in functional terms.

Therefore, it is our hope for the future that is precisely the same as our resistance of the present. This hope is our relationship rejection to circumstances. 
It is our experience of circumstances. 

Our hope is our suffering. 

Without hope there is no resistance. 
Without resistance there isn't despair as we imagine that is just hope overburdened by fear, but rather without hope everything that we hoped for in a future moment reveals itself as available in the present circumstances.

We imagine that optimal conditions will make us happy and so we hope. 
But it is actually the end of hope that ends the resistance that ends the seeming itself that something is missing.

Hopelessness is not bad news. 
On the contrary it is very good news because in that moment we stop pushing what we're after farther away like chasing a carrot on a stick attached to our head.

I am the only person on earth who can make that effort.

I'm not talking about taking action or not taking action. I'm talking about an inner state of resistance. 
What I've found is that inner state of resistance is so stressful that it inhibits rather than facilitates action. 
What better place from which to effectively act than when you're in a good mood already?

Not hoping doesn't mean not acting, or not changing things, rather acting to undo an injustice, for instance from a place of ease and strength and clear thinking, because you are not all busy and tied up freaking out against how bad things are, way more effective action. 

Hope is the mantra of doubt.

I'm saying that the outer mirrors the inner in that what we experience of it must pass through the filter of whether we think it should be different. 
Thinking we want, need or believe it should be different actually changes our experience of it. So hoping for change in the future changes our experience of the present it creates the seeming necessity that peace or happiness be preceded by a change in circumstances.

We experience this is relatively mundane ways all the time. When it is raining we don't usually dwell on hoping the rain will go away. 
We just respond to the situation as it is. 
We might open an umbrella or we might stay indoors or we might get wet.

But without the assumption that the rain must be absent in order to experience peace, we don't see the rain as a problem. In that sense we are having a totally different experience than someone for whom rain ruins their day...

Hope in other contexts has very much the same net effect. It changes how we experience things as they are by solidifying the belief that the way it is a problem than is necessarily making us unhappy. 

And change doesn't come more easily in rejecting things as they are because as our attention and energy gets spent on the tantrum/upset rather than on the action...

Sometimes water opens itself up to accept an object only to push down upon it, 
burying it forever....
Sometimes it lifts the object up, keeping it raised to the heavens forever. 
Sometimes water sits - silent and motionless...
Sometimes it slowly, gently, and steadily drips onto an obstacle drilling a hole in it over time....
Sometimes water crashes down destroying any semblance that there was ever an obstacle in its path to begin with. 
Sometimes water evaporates, disappearing in front of our eyes and floating up to the heavens. 

The path of least resistance has many faces. 
They are not contradictions. 
They are related.