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Friday, May 3, 2013

The hypnotized can't be bailed, the Awakened can't be enslaved.

Acceptance of what is liberates the soul to access opportunities which we might not have seen otherwise.

Letting go resistance indeed frees the Spirit to soar. 

Although often times our expectations of perfection is an illusion since the different combinations of diverse possibilities are infinite and we can never really know it ALL, of everything that lies ahead of the unseen wonderment. 

Our ideal might in fact be barred by our worldly ideas of 'best'. Therefore we may already be settling. 

Our potentials are very likely greater than what we see as ideal at present. 

To open our minds willingly is the first step... I should have added that because at my age and with my experiences I did go beyond my IDEAL... which was allllwaysss in FLUX, not static. 

So let go waiting for perfection and start living now, making the best of what and whom you have at hand, for it's not about perfect moments but about infinite experiences which become part of our perfectly unique journeys. 

We create our own opportunities with every Conscious choice we make.