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Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Awareness has no preference, no memory and never moves"

Imagine sewing a pillowcase. 
The needle is striking up and down at the speed of blur. 
Each stitch follows the next. 
The pedal is pressed to the floor. 
The engine is whining. 
The cloth is moving under the needle smoothly. 
Everything is running in perfect order. 
Now imagine there is no one sitting in a chair behind the machine, pushing the cloth. 

Now imagine these letters are the stitching and this page is cloth and the needle is awareness.

There is nothing wrong with the games played in the spiritual circus.  
It’s just there is no way to win. 

Like any truly gem, big-top affair, this carnival is rigged. 

Awakening is an event in eventless awareness that has nothing to do with any sense of personal effort.  

It is all happening in spite of anything it looks like anyone ever does.

The levels of consciousness are infinite. You are "aware" at every moment at "some" level and from your very own unique perspective. If there is a "moment of becoming aware", it feel to me to indicate something "finite", and also something that "everyone" will experience in the same manner.
Ever Arriving, always expanding, and always perfect in each and every moment, according to your very own interpretation 

That can also be flipped around to:
The levels of infinity are conscious. Either way, I just took an awesome poop.