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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sometimes saying "no" is the most loving thing we can say; in my experience we all have our moments.

At the core behind every negative thought is the belief what happened shouldn't have, we need what we don't have, or we want to do what we're not doing.

But in each case with a little reflection you can see it isn't so.

What I love about that is that you can see the illogic of suffering.

A logical heart isn't the Spock like stereotype. It's actually an open heart.

What could make more sense than loving?

Not always easy to do, but well worth the effort and when the effort pays off you realize that an open heart can never be trampled on.

When you love what is... you even love the trampling.

Logic is a good start, but only a start. 

Negative emotions arise from deeply ingrained patterns involving sensation, negative imagination, and especially identification. 
There is even a cellular memory, that's why persistent inner work and self-watching is essential. 

By 'not doing' the things we always do and doing things we are disinclined to do, we begin to break the spell, the patterns of me. 
While self-condemnation seems like self-correction, it really reinforces the negative pattern as much as, or even more so, than justification. 

The whole of this must be seen before there can be reconciliation and transformation. Gaining mental clarity is essential, but only the start of the journey to ' inner liberation.'

One would think, but in my experience 'embodiment' is also the result of logical exploration. There are many paths to oneself. 
It isn't about mental clarity in the sense of 'knowing' something. It's mental clarity in the sense of being relieved of the urge or impulse to something else. 

If there is still any sense of bodily resistance or self-referential contraction that's a clue something 'illogical' is being believed.