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Thursday, May 9, 2013

True path encompasses Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Truth may be beyond the spoken, felt or written word.

A wood violet on a nature trail may speak to me of the essence of truth in its beauty or the beauty of its truth as I travel my true path. 

My life book is filled with invisible pages to the naked eye, only I can read it's passages and directions, they include my soul-path, it is written in truth, my truth.

I live in my truth; I live happy, in love and free, freedom within myself.

Doing and being what you are truly here to do and who you truly are here to be is a true path to our own truth selves.


Through open and playful inquiry, we can increase our understanding of how to use the mind, how to question our experience through internal dialogue, and how to analyse the many aspects of life that usually seem to resist analysis. 

As we do this, we find that the truth naturally reveals itself to us—as the hotness of fire reveals itself to us when we touch it or the day reveals itself to us when we wake up in the morning. Our mind, our most precious natural resource, rather than posing a threat, will take us where we want to go.