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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The patterns of the unhealthy ego—patterns that keep us isolated from each other, or in conflict, or unable to be in loving, constructive relationships

Purr the old ego in perspective, the ego must be strong enough to be willing to let it go. It must be nurtured and released.

Where does telling the difficult truth fit into being happy or being right??? 
Would you rather be loved or be right?

As a person who likes to be "right", I'd say it means that being right sometimes interferes with happiness...especially any kind of relationship. 
Most things just aren't important enough to get into a dither about. 
A few things are. 
Those are the ones that deserve my energy.

We always have before us--healthy ego/fat sloppy ignorant ego...that is the question.

Ego is inherently self-serving and our spiritual challenge is to witness the ego's pathetic and desperate need to nurture its own self importance.

Like all human beings, if we are lucky, we spend our formative years building up a healthy ego that can go forth in the world, establish boundaries, and express our soul’s purpose.

And, we spend the rest of our life learning how to tame that ego when it gets all puffed up with being special and being right.

If we want to reach our full potential; if we want to have love in our life; if we want to experience the wonder of being alive, we will come to understand that every human being is no more or less special than we are, and that we can never be right all the time.

This is what spiritual maturity looks like.

"Every ego wants to be special. If it can't be special by being superior to others, it's also quite happy with being especially miserable. 
Someone will say, 
"I have a headache," and another says, 
"I've had a headache for weeks." 
People actually compete to see who is more miserable! 
The ego doing that is just as big as the one that thinks it's superior to someone else. If you see in yourself that unconscious need to be special, and then you are already free, because when you recognize all the patterns of the ego…
The ego wants to be right all the time. And it loves conflict with others. It needs enemies, because it defines itself through emphasizing others as different. 
Nations do it, religions do it, and people do it."

That was a profound teaching moment.