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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prepared mind...

If you really believe that it is important to be prepared to handle whatever challenges may come your way, then you should believe that you must train to be prepared. 

There is no way that you will be prepared if you don’t take action to make yourself prepared.

The state of full readiness does not just automatically happen. 

You have to train to develop this attitude of mind and spirit, and the preparation of physical skills. Just like all of the other traits of the warrior lifestyle, you have to work to attain the state of preparedness.

The truth is, attaining the state of total preparedness takes more work than most of the other traits of the true warrior. 

In fact, it would be impossible to be prepared for every single thing that could ever happen, unless maybe your name is MacGyver. 
What preparedness means is being as prepared as possible to successfully encounter whatever difficulties may come our way.

It does not mean he is totally prepared for every single possible problem. It would be impractical to walk around daily with a backpack full of supplies ranging from a snakebite kit to climbing gear.

Although it is impractical to think that anyone can be completely prepared for anything at any time, and will always have all the tools he needs at his disposal, you can be mentally and physically prepared for a multitude of problems. 

You may not walk around daily carrying a snakebite kit, but you can walk around with the knowledge of how to treat a snake bite, should this unfortunate incident take place. 

Part of being prepared is obtaining knowledge about many different things, and being able to recall and use that knowledge when needed. 

And fortune favours the prepared....WHO DARES WINS!

Don't put the cart before the horse
Prepare yourself before you jump into the bullring. 
Preparation is the key to victory, no matter what the arena may be.

Many times, when you neglected to prepare yourself in the basics, it comes back to haunt you down the road.