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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Except when it is pleasure....

Wanting what is is the end of sadness.
Needing what is is the end of fear.
Seeing that what is is what should be is the end of anger.

 If I stand, I want to stand. 
If I sit, I want to sit. 

Sometimes in confusion people sit but meanwhile tell themselves they want to stand and are therefore sad they are sitting instead. A typical example is when people go to work but meanwhile tell themselves they do not want to go to work, and they consequently feel sad at 'having' to go to work. 
But of course people are in reality always doing exactly as they wish given the total circumstances they experience. Knowing this ends the sadness of believing we want to do what we are not doing or have what we are not having. 

Another way to see it is that of course we want what is circumstances as they are since these circumstances are the only ones that exist (in this moment). So among the choices available in reality that actually currently exist, we want what is. 

It seems to me this is what people mean when they refer to the freedom of 'choicelessness'.

Took me a couple of years of relaxing with what is before i could have even understood the statement.

Wanting and needing what is and seeing that is is as it should be never means refraining from taking action meant to cause change nor does it mean resisting change when it comes, quite the opposite in fact.