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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't look where you fall, but where you slipped...

If we learn why we slipped we simply won't make the same slip again... However, we will embrace the change that comes with it and adapt to our new path.

As long as we can do this...we learn without regret and are thankful for the lesson.

Where you fall or fail at something does not matter as much as how you got there slipped for instance if you do not study for a test and hope to pass then you fail. 

Don't be concerned with failing but what made you fail not studying. If you fall for instance a failed relationship, it is not the separation with the loved one that requires your attention, but the slipping toward separation.

What happened that led to the distance with the loved one?
Do you understand?

However, this proverb suggests we look at the "slip" ... in other words not just that we fell but how it happened.

What happened to us emotionally before we fell ... what caused the "slip".
We need to look at what we did prior to falling.

When we do that we can always see that we could have done something different, made a different choice, and then if it happens again, we will see it sooner and maybe make a different choice.

Life is truly a complex miraculous journey where you have to water yourself with right wisdom, right philosophy and positive mental attitude to live life with true purpose as being.

Life and universe will never provides you highway with smooth tracks as you have to encounter with countless obstacles in the highway of life and success for accomplishment of your huge wildest dreams.

 The philosophy and secret code of success says;
“success is the matter of choice and success warms to the people who are action believer, passionate hard working and who holds persistence and patience attitude”.

There is no level or boundary to be satisfied in the highway of success as success is progressive journey where accomplishment of one dream gives birth to next huge dream naturally.

There is no alternative word for life and hard work so always is eager to light the candle of deep rooted burning desire, passion and winning attitude to maintain the momentum in the highway of success for getting crowned with victor tag.

If you keep your passion alive encountering countless setbacks and unexpected circumstances then you will be the deserving victor in the battle field and you will get noticed in the crowd of trillions without any doubt.

The concrete theme of life scripted by divine kingdom says :-
“You are truly a living magnet who deserves to live life with abundance, prosperity and peace”, believe on this valid truth and get addicted with your huge dreams and dare to pay huge price for its accomplishments. Life may teach you countless lessons but learn one life prospering lesson “Never Give Up and keep moving despite of countless bombardment of setbacks and unexpected circumstances in the highway of life and success”.

The Law of universe is just neutral to every human being and respond alike to your thought and desire you present through vibes.