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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A wonderful world in progress......

I love that it's a time in history where we all can claim to be mothers--mothers, fathers, those with children, those who are mothering their friend's kids, and those who are mothering the people in their world.

I like to call this broad form of mothering the rise of Mamisma.

Mamisma is a new word coined by the social scientist Harriet Rubin--it's the energy of love and care. It's what the world needs now. 
We're done with machismo myth of the warrior. We need to replace it with a new human story.

Imagine way back when, if the myth-makers in early cultures had included the wise women of the tribe.

What if the storyline had led the people to believe that it was a sign of strength and nobility to be vulnerable and to feel and empathize and take care of the young and the old, instead of competing with each other, standing one’s ground, fighting instead of communicating?

What if the urge to care for children had been chosen as THE most important task of any society?
I can tell you that one of the outcomes would be a Homeland Security System devised for reasons other than war:

The ticker tape under the TV news might read: Orange Alert! Danger! Our schools are failing our children! Red Alert! The ice caps are melting!

What if caring for these kinds of issues was seen as a sign of virility?

And that resources and respect were granted to the people with the highest levels of emotional and spiritual intelligence?


And that's the spirit I celebrated on the 12 of May the so called Mother’s Day.