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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Choosing for yourself is such a powerful way to live...

There are no bold leaps forward when we obsess about the trivial or bend to the will of the masses. 

Keep going after your major definite purpose despite negative friends, family, and acquaintances.

Do not chase one, be one.

Do not follow one, lead one.

Do not copy one, legitimate one.

Do not imitate one, originate one.

Do not catch one, release one
Do not hold one, authentic one.

Do not import one, create one.

Do not buy one, make one.

Do not steal one, manufacture one.

Do not just watch the Star, become the Star.

We have the power and the responsibility to think our own thoughts and to follow the dream that beats in our heart, no matter what the masses think and say.

The war you feel within - that restlessness, the unending uncertainty - is not to be dismissed, avoided, and hated. 
That internal conflict is not dark; it is a beaming light trying to focus you, the rolling thunderous call of courage, and the rays of greatness seeking to explode beyond your skin to touch once more the Spirit of Possibility.

*or friendship

note to AOH and MSH