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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Women POWER..

Since the dawn of time it was always women who led the world. Men can not accept this.
If we are going to create a world that is deeply and genuinely healthy, we will have to create it through the open heart. 
Because women are generally more familiar with this terrain, it is they who will lead us. 
Egoic and armoured male warriors - lay down your bloody arms. Touch your knee to Mother Earth. Bow 
with respect before them. Its time.
Since the dawn of time it was always women who led the world. Men cannot accept this. I am the oldest of five. MY sister is the strongest member of my family. I follow second behind her. I will follow one who misses strong regardless of gender.

Yes all life on earth is greedy by nature, everyone consumes until there is nothing left to consume, everything is balanced by the amount of what it consumes, and what consumes it.
Humanity is the only one that can rise about natural instinct or greed and consumption, not with mother earth, to protect it from itself.
But I do not believe that humanity will get there unless we follow the women. It is the men that have created most of the mess and I do not trust them to clean it up.

A gender bridge, where each of us is a well balanced blend of all archetypes and pathways of possibility.
My status post is more a statement on what I believe has to happen for us to get there.
After centuries of male domination, it is time for centuries of female leadership in order to restore the natural order and bring things into the right balance.
And then the world you in-vision has a better chance of emerging. If we continue on in the way we have, that world will not come to pass.