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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The game of life...

Love is all that's left when all else has fallen away. 

It's not a feeling, not a state, not a passing experience.

It is the ground of all things, the open space that holds all forms as they arise and pass. 

It has no opposite - it holds all apparent opposites, allows them all to be.

You can't say what it is - you can't say what it is not.

In the end, you can't say anything. And yet all words are held here too...

There is a path at the heart of each love connection. 

Each has its own karmic blueprint. 

It is seldom what we imagine. 

You just have to find the path and follow it wherever it leads you. 

Expectations are like quick-sand. 

They keep us from arriving at our true destination. 

We’re not supposed to be together forever. 

But we are here to love.

The game of life...
That you'll love to win, love to lose, love to watch, love to relinquish...
and love to BE.