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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keep on walking..

Everyone has their own karmas to live out. None of us really know what that path and trajectory will be.

I find this whole judgement around where individuals should be at by a certain stage of their life ridiculous. Only the soul knows the path it is here to walk, what it has overcome, and what achievements to measure its progress by. 

Nobody knows why you are here, except you. You're the only one that can find that. People judge as though they have it all figured out, but their judgements often just smokescreen their own confusion. 

Are we late bloomers, or on-time growers? 

This is a personal decision. The important thing is that we keep on walking towards a place that feels like home.

My resentment with the paths of others masks my frustration with my own apparent lack of progress, which echoes the impatience I experienced as a child, which echoed the frustrations and resentments of those who came before me... 

The cycle must be broken here. The reality is that nobody ever catches up with anyone, because we are all bodies in motion, moving in unison. 

The irony is, once we peel back those layers and sees this truth, we find a whole line of people who were just waiting for that patience and understanding. 

And perhaps the realization frees up energy for the whole group to move forward.