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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I wish you grand, giant, elephant size blessings to brighten up your day and bring you big surprises. 

It's a good week to start visualizing things for New Year. Enjoy this beautiful photo to spark your imagination; it speaks of Peace and Serenity.

Believe in the goodness of all being, it's the Spirit that uplifts our inner child no matter our beliefs. We ask YOU to help us align with the planets and embark on a new era of higher awakening.

Help us walk away from our darkness and into our light.
Help us move away from shadow and toward our exquisite divine nature.
Help us nurture the seeds of love from which we are made and grow them in the world and so I commit.

This is necessary in order to touch upon the strength, wisdom, and courage to do our best in actively contributing to the healing of our planet.

May the love and light we bring to the planet today assist in relieving the pain and darkness of those whose hearts are shattered, if even for only one breath.

We all so need each other’s full support and commitment if we hope to make the changes we all long for. 

We can make a difference and are doing so now.

I send you all my love, deep appreciation, and endless gratitude from one of the most incredible places on earth.

So it is.