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Friday, December 7, 2012

It is from this humility that true inspiration and well being flow.

There is a fine line between humble and ashamed. 

Humble opens the door to God. Shame closes it. If we move through our lives ashamed of ourselves, we have a much harder time believing in our divine possibilities. 
Unfortunately, many of us do not have self-love handed to us. We have to forge it ourselves in the fires of life. 
This is the work of our lives, recognizing the Godself sleeping at the core of our being. 
(S) He sleeps lightly...

True humility is the key to wisdom. It's strength in its purest form because it's fuelled by compassion and acceptance. 
Shame is humiliation, not humility. It's the stuff of ego, not the essence of our being. When we do the work to transcend shame, we free ourselves to experience the divine nature of humility.

Humbleness is at the heart of love. Soulebrate humbleness! The shame just wants to be caressed and bathed in self-love as a reflection of our shiny infinite magnificence as the God/Goddess we are. 
Pour on the love to all those cracks and crevices that need to be reminded of who we really are. There is nothing love can't dissolve and melt.

When we remember what we are, that thin line, the ego, dissipates. Those veils of false beliefs, including shame, are no more. 
There is only love and we let it reach us and extend through us. Fully. And it takes humility to receive and offer something so completely. 
So openly, faithfully, and trustingly, doesn't it... Can you believe I just wrote this here?