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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Not necessarily.
"It takes one to know one" is what they are getting at, and just because you recognize a part of yourself in someone else, it doesn't mean that you behave in the same ways because of it.
For example, if I call the leaders in the GOP fascists because they are consistently attempting to enact legislature which would restrict our freedoms as citizens, it in no way means that I, too, am a fascist.
It simply means that I recognize and understand what FASCISM means to me and the ways in which I would prefer to behave in regards to the concept itself.
It simply allows me to BECOME MORE AWARE of what fascism is and means, and how I INTEND to respond to it.
When you hear a song you don't like, you still LEARN something: you learn that which you would prefer to avoid in the future.
Judgement, ultimately, is a survival trait, and a valuable one at that.
This is precisely why authority figures would prefer it you didn't employ it too often...we are easier to control when we are unaware.

What say you???