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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Total Embrace of Life

Life will wake you up from every dream, including the dream of your own awakening, for what you are is beyond all dreams...

We're not seekers, we're finders. We constantly find life, right in front of us, here and now, always. It's simply a case of mistaken identity...

Life doesn't ask for your acceptance. In this moment life accepts you totally, exactly as you are, exactly as you are not, and asks nothing in return.
This is unconditional love, beyond the speaking of it - and its discovery ends the search for love outside of you once and for all.

What you are has no interest in becoming enlightened in the future, and no interest in telling a story about 'my enlightenment' (or lack of it!) in the past.
For what you are the light of life, ever-present, always 'on', forever en-lightening this moment, exactly as it is. Even in pain, even in boredom, even in grief, this enlightenment is always here. It is - and excuses the poetic license - your most intimate friend.

The discovery of who you really are brings peace in the midst of the storm of life. For what you are cannot fall apart, even when things fall apart.
What you are cannot break or decay, even when the body breaks or decays. What you are always Home, even when you're far away from home.

There is a Knowing that goes beyond all knowledge. There is a Love that goes beyond all understanding.

 There is a Peace that cannot be disturbed. I'm not talking about a superhuman achievement. I'm talking about who and what you already are, in this very moment. So...halleluiah!

True Freedom has nothing to do with getting rid of our humanness and our humanity - it's a total embrace of it. Your imperfections are so perfect, seen in the light of who you really are.

You may be the ocean, but you are also a wave, a divinely unique, quirky, singular, never-to-be-repeated expression of that ocean. "Water that is too pure, has no fish", as they say in Zen. So dance, baby, dance.