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Friday, December 28, 2012

With every breath, inhaling blessing, exhaling gratitude...

Let gratitude overwhelm our senses today. 

Let it fill every fibre of our being with appreciation and adoration for our loved ones. 

Let it remind us of our blessings and connection with the Divine Energy. 

Let's also appreciate and see favour in all people.

In life, the path of least resistance is always silence. 

If you don’t express your feelings and thoughts to others, you don’t have to deal with their reactions to it.

You don’t have to feel vulnerable. 

You don’t risk rejection. 

But I’ll tell you what: the path of least resistance leads exactly where the ride leads to...

Let's demand a new level of enthusiasm in our lives. 

Let's choose to engage the world, the moment, and the people around us with a bolder, buoyant energy.

Let's light the world.

So it is.