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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Spending time with my brother made me walk back to all the fun time of our childhood days. I am very sad still about losing our father so soon, if only he could see us now. 

I am sure he too dreamed of his tomorrow, he only had his today, hi
s moment...his tomorrow never came about. 

"Tomorrow", what an illusion "tomorrow" is! We seem to live our lives for our tomorrows, but some never had their tomorrow. 

We only have today, this moment, this second, and this instant. As I have said to me so many times, life is precious; it is a gift, a priceless gift. 

It's there in all its richness and glory. It passes so quickly and ends when we have other plans... our tomorrows. 

To my surprise, I am now grieving. I am grieving for all my tomorrows without him. 

I am sad, but in my innermost core I am just allowing that feeling. I don't want to explain away my grief. It is just happening.

Sometimes I try to analyse it, intellectualize it, to comprehend it. But from all I've learned, I will just let it all happen and be with it where no tomorrows can hide.