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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Body,

I apologize for looking for my spiritual life independent from you, as though God is a disembodied construct and not a felt experience. 

Like a good little head-tripper, I wanted to think God, rather than to feel God. 

And so I looked for God on the sky ways of detachment, mistaking self-avoidance for enlightenment itself. 

I went down this path for some time, seemingly calm on the outside, but a bubbling cauldron of unresolved feelings in the deep within. 

In truth, the closest I ever came to an inclusive consciousness were in those moments when I surrendered to you completely, blemishes and all. 

It is no accident that we are here in physical form - God is IN the people. 

I apologize for looking for God outside the temple walls. 

Live a life of complete passionate awareness, making love to my environment, experiencing every feeling, sensation and blessed emotion. 

Surrendering my body to the cool grass on a warm summer day, or holding a delicate flower in my hands while filling my eyes with its beauty as I inhale sweet fragrant gifts. 

Or giving my feet permission to play with the earth as I attentively listen with delight to wind songs gently caressing the leaves of stately elms that vibrate in resonant harmony. 

As I savour all the wonderful flavours of nature’s bounty, it is with reverent appreciation and deepest gratitude that I give thanks to the divine for the gifts of sensual abundance. 

My body is a temple and god/ess resides in me.