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Monday, December 17, 2012

On the way HOME...

People often talk about living in the moment, but it is my experience that we do not live in the moment if we are not living in truth. 


It doesn’t matter how much we achieve, or how many things we master, if it is not our true-path. The moment we lie, we leave the moment. 
The work we do to separate false-path from true-path is not just spiritually beneficial, it is our best and only hope. 

As it turns out, life actually isn't a dress rehearsal. It's an undress rehearsal. 

We come down here time and time again to practice shedding our ego armour until we can step on the stage of eternity, naked and exposed before God, as God. Exit, cloud left. 

Closing the heart is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we close it, we attract more reasons to keep it closed. 

Opening the heart is a soul-fulfilling prophecy. When we open it, we attract blessings. Finally blessings have a way in, and a way out to touch others. Open-bless-a-me! 

 The body is far more than just a vessel for the soul. It is the field where the soul's lessons are harvested. It is the breeding ground for the soul's emergence. 
Repressed emotions are unactualized spiritual lessons. 

In order to grow forward, we must bring our suffering through our emotional body until the soul's lessons are birthed. We must cell our soul. God is an equal opportunity transformer. 

Everyone has access, everyone stands a chance. So long as we are willing to do the work necessary to clear the obstructions and clarify our inner channel, the universe will bring us boundless opportunities to transform our soul. 

We have to try to close the gap between the world as it is and the world as it ought to be. 

This is the work of all spiritual warriors- to clear the path of debris, to infuse the path with so much light that others can find their way home.

I had always believed that sensitivity is impossible to hold to in a harsh world. Yet in this moment, I feel sensitive, but without the fragility. 
I am still wearing armour but there is a shift in the direction of my intensity. I can linger in the heart-space a little longer than I once could, I am softening in places.
After so many lifetimes with weapon in hand, a tenderling warrior is being birthed in the core of my being. She is confused, but she intuitively knows that this is the way home.

Please don’t give up on me, forgive us our misdeeds, or, at the least, be open to the possibility that we will change as the trail expands to meet our shifting intentionality. 
The day will come when our warrior spirit loses its harsh edge, and comes into alignment with benevolent action. 

Some of us are already there, and many more of us will follow. The road to transformation is dependent on a bridge between genders, a benevolent bridge that celebrates our differences with respect and kindness. 

That work must begin with healing the rifts along the gender continuum, working hard to heal the collective heart until one day we can stand on a bridge across forever, hands held together, hearts open and alight, embracing the sacred masculine and divine feminine living at the heart of us all. 

I will meet you there. 

I am grateful for father, for no one saw my tenderness more clearly. 
I am grateful for Mother, for choosing to bring me into being and for nourishing my body until I could find my feet. 
I am grateful for Mother Earth, for grounding my expansion and enlivening my spirit. 
I am grateful for the Divine Mother, the real Mother of us all. I now feel her divine presence, so close. Fiercely compassionate, she was always right here, breathing life into me, holding me safe. 
I sit in her lap as she breathes me.

 May you feel the love of the Divine Mother crashing down on your heartfelt shores, graciously lifting you up above the madness of the world, nestling you in the grateful arms of those you have nurtured. 

Those of us who have received your blessings may not always acknowledge it, but your acts of love have landed within us, growing us stronger and infusing us with love’s light. 

Thank you.