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Monday, December 24, 2012

Receptive heart...

Intrinsic to enrealment is a deep honouring of the vulnerable, receptive heart. 

Many of the traditional enlightenment models have been reflections of a paternalistic landscape, one where emotional armour was necessary to maintain its warrior function. 

Through the eyes of the lone-wolf warrior, expanded consciousness was a disembodied head trip, a lone wolf warrior clamouring for a taste of God in meditative repose while the women were tending to the allegedly mundane world of feeling. 

What was missing from this lens was the bountiful wisdom of the divine feminine- relationship as path, heart as portal to the God-self, the emotional body as the breeding ground for the soul’s emergence. 

As our world moves away from survivalism as its orienting principle, the awakening man will one day feel safe enough to lay down his arms, and recognize that an enheartened path is fundamental to a clarified consciousness. 

That which is real is real because it is felt, and not simply witnessed, watched, analysed.