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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Aging wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.

Finish what you start; don't quit when the going gets tough. 

Many people in today's world are willing to throw in the towel when they face even the slightest opposition. 
Quitting because you face adversity weakens the soul and plants self-doubt in your mind. Never quit because someone opposes what you are doing or because it is tougher than you first thought it would be.
This doesn't mean that every time you start something, you have to stick with it no matter what. There are times when quitting something is in your best interest. 
If we always had to continue on a path, simply because we decided to explore that path, we would shy away from ever trying anything new.
It is okay to change your mind about something, once you find out that it is not for you, or that it no longer in your best interest. 
That is not the same thing as quitting because you don't have the fortitude or determination to see it through.
So what determines whether you are quitting because things are too tough or because the path you are on no longer furthers your objective? 
You do. 
You know in your heart why you are making the decision to change paths. 

Make sure your decision is based on your overall objectives, not on taking the easiest way out.

Superior Mental Attitude = Superior State of Mind

Your attitude and your thoughts will determine your state of mind. If you constantly maintain a superior mental attitude, 
through continuous thought control, you will find that you will live with a superior state of mind. It all starts with your thoughts, 
which lead to your attitude, and which ultimately control your overall state of mind.

If you don't believe this, there is an easy way to prove it to yourself. 
Think of someone close to you that has died. 
Think about how much you miss that person and how much you would love to just be able to spend one more day with him or her. 
Now, how do you feel? 
My guess is that you feel sadder than you did before you had these thoughts. Your thoughts have just changed your feelings. 
And, if you constantly dwell on these sad thoughts, your state of mind would be greatly affected.

If you can change your mood and your feelings just with a couple of thoughts, think about how you could change your life if you constantly control what thoughts you allow yourself to dwell on daily. 

A superior state of mind starts with your thoughts and your attitude. 

If you want to change your life and start living a life of excellence, start by controlling your thoughts and your attitude. 

Anyone can be in control, say the right things, and seem to have it all together when everything is going perfectly. 
The challenge comes when things are not going your way and everyone seems to be against you. That is when you truly find out what you are made of in this world.
There is an old saying that, anyone can sail the ship when the water is calm; the true test of a sailor is when he is in the midst of the storm. 
The same is true for life in general. It is how you handle yourself during challenging times that reveals who you truly are. 
That is when your fears, faults, and flaws all come to the surface.
Make sure that you are prepared to not only handle the calm waters of everyday life, but that you are prepared, mental, physically, and spiritually, to handle yourself well during the storms of life. 
Prepare during the good times for the bad times. When it comes time for your mettle to be tested, make sure that you are able to measure up!

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