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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Avoidance is an epidemic on planet.


The inner monsters we distract from are not nearly as dangerous as the monsters we create to avoid them. 
As painful as early life traumas can be to confront, they are seldom as difficult to transform as the behaviors and addictions that we develop to bypass them. 

As children, our defenses and distraction techniques saved us, but, as adults, they become a self-fulfilling prophecy, concretize and locking us in with our early pain, blinding us to the fact that we are now better equipped to work through our memories than we were as children. 

It may have seemed insurmountable back then, but it no longer is. If we can turn around and face them now, if we can resist the tendency to cover them over with layer upon layer of distortion, we can re-claim our trauma and work it through to resolution.

There is no way to run from wound-body memory. 
It is always there, waiting for its moment of integration. 
Better to turn around and embrace it. 
Once a monster, now an opportunity for transformation.

Its a long road back from early madness. 
It just is. 
Unfortunately, the new cage and shadow-jumping movements prey on trauma survivors, somehow convincing them that there are easy solutions, most of them self-avoidance techniques masquerading as something heightened. 
And then, when the truth hits the fan, it becomes very difficult to manage reality, because we have been floating high above it. 

Better we remain down on earth and do the real work to transform our challenges into the gold at their heart. 
Detaching from the pain serves a purpose, but, at some point, we have to come back down into the body temple and work our stuff through one learning at a time.