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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Why would I get frustrated by people who I think I am smarter than?
Wouldn't an expression of that intelligence be having figured that one out?
Is intelligence measured by expression alone? 
How do we calculate intelligence that is unseen?
Perhaps the brains are in the question...
At some point, I was told that I am autistic and had trouble communicating with people; I tend to appear ignorant and aloof when around people especially with those who think highly of themselves.
Is my experiment a way of appearing superior to them?
Changing the game when I feel it doesn't fit my way of understanding...
Intelligence couldn't actually move where only interactions of alphabets are gathering combinations of moves in a game of Solitaire.
Intelligence didn't seem to have much relevance here. It was so abstract and multifaceted that any attempt at determination or measurement seemed ridiculous.
Plus where was the individual intelligence?
Maybe it helped to get to the food quicker.
Creating efficiency seems to be the role of intelligence, ' efficiency' where being ' efficient ' means we have more time to be even more ' efficient' now that's where the real smarts come in handy..