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Monday, March 9, 2015

I refuse to allow the behaviour of others to destroy my inner peace. NOT MY CIRCUS - NOT MY MONKEYS!

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There will always be those who have nothing productive in their lives, so they get their kicks by verbally attacking other people or spreading lies through gossip. This has gotten much worse since the invention of the internet. Now these people of low character, can go on line and write whatever lies and gossip they want, without anyone ever knowing who they are. This is the acts of cowards, not men and women of character.
Do you respect the word of a coward? 

Do you put a lot of stock in what cowards or those who gossip say? I suspect not. 
Then why would you allow the actions of these types of people to destroy your inner peace? 

If you don't know them personally, if you don't respect their character, if you know that they are liars who maliciously spread gossip which is untrue, why would you care what they say about anything?

This world is full of fools; don't let them get to you. 

Not everyone's opinions matter. 

People who gossip and lie have been around since the beginning of time, and people like this will continue to gossip and lie, probably until the end of time. 
eople with honour and integrity are in the minority, especially in today's world, but, they are the only one's whose opinions truly matter.

When you get verbally attacked by these people who Confucius referred to as "inferior men," just consider the source and move on. 

Say to yourself with a smile - 
"Not my circus - not my monkeys." 

You are not responsible for these clowns, or for what comes out of their mouths. Refuse to allow them to destroy your inner peace.