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Monday, March 9, 2015

I didn't change. I just woke up.

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Sometimes, something happens that causes the blinders to fall off of your eyes and the fog to clear away in your mind.
When that happens, you see the world in a whole new way. You didn't change; you just woke up and started to see what you have been unable to see, for whatever reason.
It is as if your understanding and insight have been supercharged and you can see what has been hidden.
You are better able to see behind the invisible veil that covers the truth in so many cases. You are able to understand what is truly happening in the world around you, instead of merely seeing the presentation that has been carefully scripted to deceive people.
When this happens, you haven't changed, you are still the same person, but your insight and your understanding have been awakened.
You start to see things as they are, instead of how you wish they were or how you thought they were. And, if you will cultivate this awakening, you will find that you will see and understand things that most other people cannot.
And you will only get better at this as you continue to use your new insight. It is time for more people to wake up and see things as they truly are, instead of believing what is first sold to you as the truth.
You will never know what is absolutely true however long you live and however you try to reach your conclusion.
What I say today may change tomorrow which is exactly my point. Things are ever changing there is no absolute truth especially in Philosophical matters.
I am in no way claiming to know the absolute truth.
You are claiming that there is an absolute truth and one day it will be found. I'm sorry but humans have been around for 200,000 years searching for this truth and haven't yet found it.
All you get is the odd person claiming to point people in the direction of this truth only very soon to be replaced by others pointing in a different direction.
Just look at the history of religion.
Jesus and Mohamed are just new kids on the block not to mention John Smith and
L. Ron Hubbard and many others.
If you insist there is an absolute truth I challenge you to find it and present it to me.
Your idea of the truth is already, today seen by a few billion others as totally false.
A god so powerful that he can create the Universe but needs me, a non entity to worship him is a Loser.
If God is to be met and will provide everlasting bliss to his believers after death can anyone explain to me why that of all people, it is Christian believers who pray really hard NOT to die.
You are here on this earth to work towards perfection in everything that you do, not to change course every time someone else decides that he or she doesn’t like what you are doing.
Let others do as they will; you just remain focused on your own goals. After all, you should be too busy working to achieve your objectives and working to improve yourself in every way, to waste time listening to those who have nothing better to do than to criticize what you do, while at the same time doing nothing themselves.
It is amazing that from a universe of subatomic particles emerges the extremely limited human perception of... everything!
Humans see patterns and associate laws to explain them. The world was not "built" it coalesced.