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Saturday, March 7, 2015

If I am walking with two other each of them will serve as my teacher.

You can learn something from everyone you meet. 
Some people are good examples for you to follow, and other people are great examples for how you should not live your life. Imitate those who live with honor, character, and integrity. 
Let their good traits become your traits. Integrate them into your life. Use them as your role models.
On the other hand, when you see character flaws in others, let that motivate you to eliminate those traits from your life. 
Don't try to change others; you only have control over your own actions. But, you can use what you see in others to improve your own life.
Everyone can serve as a role model if you let them. 
Some will be good role models and some will be bad, but you can take something useful from everyone that crosses your path. 
Building your character is a lifelong quest for perfection. Use everything at your disposal in your quest for the perfection of your character.