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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Your perception, the way you see things, doesn't change the truth.

Let's take this photo for example. 

When most people first look at this, they almost always assume that the guy in the bed is cheating and her husband's is walking in on them.

Why do most people assume this? 

Well, we assume that because the woman and the man walking in are both Asian, that they are a couple. Also since there are two pairs of bamboo sandals on the floor and an kanji poster on the wall, we assume that this is an Asian household. Furthermore, the man walking into the house is wearing a gi under his coat and there are martial arts weapons displayed on the wall. We put all of this together and assume that the guy in the bed is about to get a rude awakening.

But, all of those assumptions could be wrong. Maybe the couple in the bed are actually THE couple, and the man walking in is having an affair with the woman. 
Or maybe these guys are gay and one of them is cheating with the woman. Maybe this is a married couple and the guy is having an affair with the other guy who expects him to be home alone. 
Or they could all be roommates. 
There are many possibilities.

Our minds like to organize what we see and hear in a way that makes sense to us, given our background knowledge. 
But we have to make sure that we know the facts and don't act on assumptions. What seems to make sense and to be obvious is not always true. 
Make sure you know the real story before you jump to conclusions. 

If you don't, you may just end up making a fool out of yourself. 


People are so easy to judge, they never give their thoughts a second opinion.