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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Persistence and patience.

The thing we often forget when thinking about our own changes and other’s changes is that real transformation takes real time. 
No matter how eager we are to see things shift and grow, it will seldom happen rapidly. 

This is particularly true with respect to emotional maturation. It is often a many years long journey to empty these crowded vessels. 
Developmental stages are often like biological structures. To move from one stage of maturation to another, we have to go through a broad range of experiences, integrate their meaning, and try a new way of being on for size. 
It is about becoming a truly different being on many interconnected levels. I spent a lot of years in hurry-up offense with my own transformation and those around me. 
It was a waste of time. 

Sustainable change is built on a foundation of patience. 

It takes strength perseverance --- TIME.
There is no definitive set timeline nor should there be. We all grieve differently and we all filter and process to heal in our own manners and ways. 
That being said, respect that we are all individual and validate whatever " SEASON" you are in and know it's ok and find your inner strength to move on as best as you know how and as healthy as you can. Listen to your own self and thy will be FINE! 

Patience and time


"Sometimes though fast changes can actually happen because one looks back over the past and realizes all those lessons learned are worth keeping. The best changes occur this way. Once you looked within the change was dramatic. Riding the fence was good for a while but sometimes one has to touch the ground."